Unearthing Sustainable Ways to Mine

Minception helps exploration, mining and mineral companies optimize their growth through multidisciplinary consultancy services.

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An Independent Mining Consultancy with 75+ Years of Experience Across Geographies.

1400+ Hectares of detailed geological mapping
1500+ Hectares of contour survey
82 Mine plans prepared
3300+ Hectares of mine survey
90K+ mt Of drilling, logging & interpretation of sub-surface orebody in Greenfield and Brownfield projects
12million Hectares of reconnaissance prospecting for multi-metal commodities
50million Tonnes of iron ore processed
10million Tonnes of tailings conserved
180+ Hectares of eco-friendly rehabilitation of total waste rock dump
34million Cubic metres of volumetric survey at mines and stocks
13projects Obtained forest clearance as per Forest Conservation Act
21projects Reserve estimation completed

Comprehensive Capabilities

Investment Diligence
Forward Intelligence
Process Innovation


As the global economy moves towards carbon neutrality, metals will play an even more significant role than ever before. As an experienced partner with diverse global mining exposure combined with cutting-edge technological access, we can help improve efficiencies to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Investment Diligence

Understanding the risks and opportunities of mineral assets at different stages of the project lifecycle requires in-depth geotechnical expertise and financial analysis. Our holistic evaluation and tailored guidance help mining companies make crucial decisions at every step of the operation.

Forward Intelligence

Mineral production requires optimised integrated logistics, watertight sales contracts, and seamless last-mile delivery. With our international trading network and logistics prowess, we can deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions tailored to your mineral business requirements.

Process Innovation

Mining is an expansive operation with many uncertainties and bottlenecks along the way. Geological and geotechnical challenges can arise at any stage in the value chain. We can help you with a holistic approach at every stage of the process to help reduce redundancies and optimise operational efficiencies.


Exploring New Possibilities in Mining Innovation

About Us
Minception, a unique consultancy designed to solve the complexities of today’s mining industry.

An industry that was once conservative when it came to technology is now reshaping into an innovation-first business. At the heart of Minception’s future-forward thinking is Prospect Mining Studio, a joint venture between Vimson and New York-based Newlab, specialising in nurturing the future of mining through eminent industry, tech, and research collaborations from around the world. Backed by these strategic partnerships, we offer socially- responsible solutions built on frontier technologies that provide an unprecedented advantage to mining operations in emerging landscapes.

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Proprietary Expertise

Driven by a passion for excellence and a sharp focus on sustainability, our team of experts consists of leading professionals from myriad fields.

Mine Surveyors
GIS Engineers
Mining Engineers
Logistics Experts
Mineral Process Engineers
Environmental Scientists
Mineral Commodity Experts
Financial Analysts
International Ore Trading Specialists
Technology Evangelists

Increasing productivity in heavy industry processing plants with advanced analytics.

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Certificates & Awards


As Featured In

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to build relationships with a senior-level mining delegation from India at Austmine’s India Customer Connections Workshop on 8 May in Adelaide. This event will take place ahead of the Austmine 2023 Conference & Exhibition and will provide valuable insights into the supply needs, innovation priorities, and operational challenges of major […]

Article by Director Vivek Salgaocar for the World Economic Forum – “To make the clean energy transition possible, we must focus efforts to meet the growing demand for materials, while making sure this growth is sustainable and minimal in its climate impact.”

Minception participated in the National Mining Conclave-2022 conducted by the Mines Safety Association of Karnataka held at J N TATA Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The event and our technical presentation to the audience gave us an effective platform to showcase our team of global experts.  

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