Forward Intelligence

Mineral production requires optimised integrated logistics, watertight sales contracts, and seamless last-mile delivery. With our international trading network and logistics prowess, we can deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions tailored to your mineral business requirements.


End-to-end logistic solutions are imperative for the smooth functioning of every mining operation. Our expert team is adept at multimodal logistics including road transportation, inland waterways, transshipping, and ocean-going vessels.

  • Forward pricing contracts
  • Flexible post-fixture operation
  • Superior pricing or net realisation

With decades of diverse global trading expertise, we offer support to mining companies for exporting and trading in new markets. Through in-depth research, market monitoring, and analysis of industry trends, we assure maximised margins for clients.

  • Strict KYC & documentation
  • Financial risk mitigation
  • Market leading price discovery
  • Direct relationships with end users

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